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Embroidery is balm for the soul...

The philosophy

I had a dream of getting more time, time to take my time ...


I found time in needlework.


After many years in the labour market, where time was measured in quantity more than quality I decided that my now so precious time should be spent on furthering of the handicraft of the past – the needlework.


My education

I was educated at the Skals Håndarbejdsskole (The Arts and Crafts School in Skals) and am today working with designing and needle working new needlework methods, bases on old classic sewing techniques, so that I can thus pass on a nearly forgotten cultural heritage to future generations.


In recent years, needle working has been rather ridiculed and definitely not something you should spend time on – you had to exploit time.


Today I see a new interest in embroidering, especially the old sewing techniques in classic white embroidery – English, Venetian and French embroidery.



I combine the old techniques with 3D embroidery as a renewal.


Needle Work Café

I have established a needle work café for inspiration and gathering with people who are also interested in needle work, and where I am available for assistance.



I offer a lot of various courses.



If you want to see my needle work, please call me for an appointment.


Opdateret 11. april 2021
Besøgende siden 25. april 2010
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Opdateret 11. april 2021
Besøgende siden 25. april 2010
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Elins Broderier Filosofien Klassisk hvidt broderi Fri syning Broderikits Broderikursus Visitdage Påtegning af mønstre Bøger Info Spørgsmål og svar Kontakt Elin Nyheder